About LogicWeave

LogicWeave Software is a one-man shop. It's a part-time thing mostly for fun. I love programming and created Pentango way back in 1998 as a fun thing to do. More recently, I became interested in geocaching. Since I initially used a PocketPC for geocaching, WaypointGen was born out of necessity so I could transfer GPX data to the Pocket PC software. Soon after, I started work on CacheStats, which quickly became very popular. So popular that it went beyond just a fun little project due to tech-support and, yes, it even had bugs that needed fixing. But I still have fun working on it when I can make the time, and I don't mind doing the tech-support.

The name LogicWeave is based on two things. First, logicweave.com was one of the few remaining domain names still available when I was trying to come up with a name. But it does have some meaning too. I believe that programming is still an art, not a science. While advances in resusable components and software frameworks make software development faster and more predictable, a lot of careful effort is still required. There are no software assembly lines yet. Well written code, (code being the stuff that programmers write), sometimes referred to as "logic" might resemble a fine weaving rather than something that is cheaply manufactured or mass-produced. Poorly written code is often compared to spaghetti, meaning it's difficult to understand and must be unraveled (so I'll bet you'll never see a LogicSpaghetti.com anytime soon). Hopefully you'll find my software closer to a weaving than a bowl of spaghetti.