Geocaching Statistics

CacheStats is a Windows application that displays your geocaching statistics. How has your find rate been holding up over the years? What are your longest streaks? What will it take to reach your end-of-year goal? CacheStats analyzes your "My Finds" pocket query to find out all this and more.

CacheStats is free, so go ahead and download now!

Download CacheStats

(CacheStats is free, but you may make a donation to support development if you are so inclined)

After the download finishes, run CacheStatsSetup.exe to start the installation. You may get a warning stating the program is from an unknown publisher. It's safe to ignore the warning and proceed with the installation. See the complete instructions for more information.

Screen Shots

CacheStats shows many different categories of statistics. The goal calculator helps you stay on pace to achieve a number of finds by a specific date: Geocaching statistics

The calendar shows which days you've found caches on. Challenge yourself to fill in the entire calendar. The calendar can be filtered by year and by type: Geocaching calendar

Search for caches in a variety of ways: Search for caches

Keep current with various blogs and news feeds: Geocaching news and blogs

Geocaching isn't just about the numbers, right? Select your favorite geocaches in different categories and let people know why they're your favorites: Favorite geocaches

If you'd like to share your statistics and favorites with the world, CacheStats can generate text for your profile. Click for sample.

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