CacheStats Instructions

Getting Started

CacheStats uses the "GPX" file from the "My Finds" Pocket Query to calculate your statistics. (To generate pocket queries, you must be a premium member of

Step 1: Generate the My Finds Pocket Query
Go to the build pocket queries page of the website. Click on the Add to Queue button near the bottom of that page. It will look something like this:

Step 2: Download the Pocket Query
In a few minutes, you should receive an email that informs you that your pocket query is ready. Return to the pocket query page. In the Pocket Queries Ready for Download tab click on My Finds Pocket Query to start the download:

The file will be in "zip" format. You can leave it as-is, or if you prefer, you can unzip the gpx file. CacheStats works with either format. If you run CacheStats on multiple computers you might want to move the file to a shared folder such as Dropbox or OneDrive so you only have to download it once.

Step 3: Open the Pocket Query with CacheStats
Start CacheStats and click on the Open GPX file button along the bottom and open the file you just downloaded. From now on every time you start CacheStats, it will automatically load this file.

Step 4: (one-time only) Choose a name and location for the CacheStats data file
The first time you run CacheStats you'll be asked to create a data file which CacheStats uses to save things such as your FTFs, favorites, and profile settings. You can give it any name and place it in any folder, but just as for the gpx file, you might want to save it in a shared folder such as Dropbox or OneDrive so your FTFs etc. are available on multiple computers.

Step 5: Go geocaching!
Self explanatory. :-)

Step 6: Update your statistics allows you to generate a My Finds query every 3 days. In order to include your most recent finds, wait 3 days and run through this procedure again. CacheStats automatically loads your GPX file each time you start it, so if you overwrite your previously saved GPX file with the new one, your new finds will automatically show. Otherwise click the Open GPX file button to load the newly downloaded file.

Updating Your profile

To update your profile with statistics from CacheStats:

  1. Click the Update My Profile button at the bottom of CacheStats
  2. Choose which statistics you want to show and add any text that you want to appear before or after your statistics. CacheStats saves this in its data file so you only have to do this once.
  3. Click Preview - this step isn't necessary, but does everything look OK here?
  4. Click Copy to Clipboard
  5. Go to your profile information page at found under account settings, or simply click here
  6. Erase your old profile information: right click in the About area, click select all, press the Delete key
  7. Paste your new profile information: right click in the About area, click paste
  8. Click the save changes button on the bottom