Pentango Board Game

Pentango is actually three games in one: Go-Moku and 2 variations of Pente (which is like Go-moku with captures). Pentango is free, so go ahead download now.

The rules for Go-moku are simple:

  • Players take turns placing stones one at a time on a board consisting of a 19x19 grid
  • Try to be the first one to get 5 stones in a row

That's it! Simple as tic-tac-toe, but because of the larger playing surface, much more challenging.

Pente adds a twist by allowing captures. In order to capture, you must bracket 2 of your opponent's pieces (and only 2) with 2 of your own. The opponent's pieces must be adjacent to each other but can be in any direction. The captured pieces are then removed from play. In the following example, if blue places a piece at the location indicated by the white square, it will result in a capture of the 2 red pieces:

Once a piece is placed on the board, it does not move (unless it's captured). You win by either getting 5 in a row, or by making 5 captures (10 pieces total). The 3rd variation of Pentango allows capture of 3 opponents pieces at a time.

Don't let the simple rules deceive you--Pentango offers serious play for even the most advanced players.

(Pente is a registered trademark of Parker Brothers)