System Requirements

CacheStats is a Windows-only application (but see below). CacheStats runs on Windows Vista or later (this includes Windows 7, 8 and 10). In addition you will need Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5 or higher. The .NET framework is likely already installed on your computer, but if for some reason it isn't or you don't have the latest version, please perform a Windows update via the Windows control panel. Alternatively, you can download it from Microsoft.

If you have an older version of Windows (Windowx XP or earlier), you can use an older version of CacheStats. Download by clicking here: CacheStats 3.0. This version only requires .NET 2.0 or greater.

Interested in running CacheStats on a Mac or Linux?

Sorry, no direct support for the Mac or Linux. However, if you install the Mono environment, CacheStats should work. The Mono project allows .NET applications (such as CacheStats) to run on different operating systems. If you want to try this out, contact me and I'll make a zipped version of CacheStats available to you.