Geocaching with Teletype Maps - WaypointGen

Now you can take your .gpx files from pocket queries and generate waypoints for your Teletype software. The generated waypoint file works for both your Windows based PC and your Pocket PC. WaypointGen is free. If you geocache with Teletype, you will want this program!

Click here to download WaypointGen now

To run WaypointGen you will need: Microsoft .Net Framework version 1.1 or higher, and Windows 98 or higher. Please see the system requirements for CacheStats for more information.

After downloading WaypointGen, select run, or double click on WaypointGenSetup.msi. If you are upgrading from a previous version, the previous version will be automatically uninstalled.

The generated waypoint names show the cache name, difficulty/terrain and the number of travel bugs currently in the cache.

Not only do the generated waypoint icons distinguish between cache type, but they also distinguish between micro and regular sizes, making it easy to see exactly what kind of cache you are dealing with.

Screen Shots

Using WaypointGen, open your .gpx file, select various options including whether you want waypoints for parking coordinates generated. Many cache descriptions include multiple coordinates besides parking - you can optionally generate waypoints for those too. After you've selected your options, press the Generate button.

Then load the generated .way file into TeleType:

When you click on a waypoint icon (or tap on it if using a Pocket PC) it brings up the waypoint details page: