Version 3.0.10: Lots of little things

July 1, 2012

I’ve added a lot of little bug fixes and features in this release, including a feature to help you provide verification for completing challenge caches, and the ability to show the top 10 cache owners you've found most caches for. Read on for the complete list of features and bug fixes.

  • Ability to copy cache info for current cache to clipboard (press Copy button, or Ctrl+C). This is helpful to compile a list of caches to use as verification of completing a challenge.
  • Ability to show top 10 cache owners you have found most caches for in HTML output (placed by too*)
  • Allow grouping of caches by owner or placed by*
  • GCID and cache-type icon are shown in the cache description
  • For those of you with lots of FTF’s, it’s easier to mark a cache as FTF – just press F2 (get it? F2-F)
  • Ampersand wasn’t showing correctly in cache name
  • Fix icon for locationless caches
  • “Other states” label was sometimes overwritten
  • Average in 1 day didn’t show completely if it was greater than 10 (yes, some people average more than 10 per day!)
  • Several fixes for the news feed including:
    • general discussion forums wasn’t showing
    • detect untitled news feeds
    • suppress a script error caused by one of Iowa Admin’s blog posts
    • better handling of embedded YouTube videos

* What’s the difference between owner and placed by, you ask? When creating or editing a cache, you are allowed to specify any name in the placed by field – it doesn’t have to be your geocaching name. There are several reasons placed by might be different than owner, for example if you adopt a cache, you might want to keep the original name of the person who placed the cache.  Or you might want to indicate that the cache was placed by a group of people.

Hope you enjoy the update. As usual, just download from the CacheStats page, and install. Your previous version will automatically be uninstalled.